Our promise means our prices will always be the most competitive around.


What is the Lyla Loves price match?

Find any similar item to a Lyla Loves product at a cheaper price than we are offering and we will match the lower price on that item.

Can you give us an example of how this would work?

Let's say you find a delicate horoscope necklace selling for £2 on the Accessorize website and our equivalent price for a similar style is £3. Here is what will happen:

Step 1: Email with a link to the similar item with the cheaper price

Step 2: We will send you an invoice for the our horoscope necklace at £2 instead of the usual £3.

Step 3: So that we are completely transparent we will include each and every successful price match on this page. 

What are some examples of when a price match would not be applicable?

The following list does not include all the examples where it would not be applicable but we've tried to cover some of the major examples to save you time:

Example 1: Sale prices - any item on sale is not applicable. Only full price items are applicable.

Example 2: Marketplace offerings - any item being sold for a fraction of its ordinary price on a marketplace like eBay. 

Why are you introducing the price match? 

We passionately believe that fashion accessories are overpriced and should be a lot more reasonable. It is easy for us to say we will be a fairly priced brand - the price promise forces us to live up to this billing on all our products, something we are very proud to do.