Lyla Boxes

The future of fashion accessories is here.


What is a Lyla Box?

A Lyla Box is the ultimate gift you can give to any fashion accessories connoisseur (including yourself). A Lyla Box contains 5-6 handpicked accessories. 

How do you decide which items to pick?

We will ask to answer 10 simple questions (e.g. does the person receiving the box prefer gold or silver plating) and based on these questions put together a unique selection of items that we are sure will delight.

Can I make special requests for certain item(s) to be included in the box?

Of course you can.

What does the actual box look like?

The box is being finalised as we speak but it will be very pretty.

When will the Lyla Box be available for sale?

By the end of September.

If you have any more questions please email