April 22, 2016 LAYLA'S STYLE

When it comes to jewellery I love beautiful, exotic looking stones. When I wear rings I love it when you can add some colour especially through wearing stones and crystals. I styled these rings with a really simple, minimal outfit. A nice chunky knit black jumper and some bleached mom jeans. I love carrying a theme all the way through my outfit, jewellery can make a huge impact on your outfit depending on if you style it right. Obviously jewellery styling can easily change from person to person - some people like big statement necklaces and some people like simple, minimal pieces. For me, I’m the latter. I love minimal, elegant pieces of jewellery that make your hands look cute and dainty and these rings do just that.

Every blogger loves marble and what’s better than having it on your jewellery as well? This hoplite is gorgeous, minimal and extremely feminine. I’m aware that sometimes with stones in rings if you don’t go for the brighter colours they don’t look as dainty. However with the blue running through the semi-precious stone it’s something really different that I’d never seen before. Therefore, I had to get everything - from the rings to the bangles.


The bangles are great for stacking and the different styles of cut stone add a great effect. When you have skinny wrists like me these kinds of bangles are a life saver before you can tighten them just by pushing the metal.

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