I have to hold my hands up and admit I am a girly-girl, so when nude became a big trend I jumped right on in. Here I combined nude and pink tones to make the ultimate feminine pallette. When you think pink and backpack it never occurs that it could be a fashionable mix, but this combination is just that.

Mixing it with silver frosting from Lyla’s intricate jewellery range is a perfect way to create a stylish look. Accessorising is the ultimate secret weapon for every outfit - just sprinkle it with jewellery to give it an edge.

I am such a massive fan of rings and bracelets, to the point you will rarely see me without. It always feels so wrong to have lovely painted nails and not finish them off by adorning them with creativity.

A firm favourite from Lyla Loves is the ‘Silver Bird and Nest Bracelet’ which works perfectly with the ‘Silver Leaf Ring.’ Why not be different and try wearing jewellery on your little finger to stand out from the crowd.

Butterflies are something I’ve always had a bit of an addiction with, so when I saw these pieces on the Lyla Loves site I was an instant fan. I’m currently obsessed with wearing the tiny butterfly earrings in the one ear. It’s been my go-to ear jewellery this month.

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