My name is Jessica Li, you can find my humble abode on my blog: wildvagabondss.blogspot.com

Here I adore to share all my latest thoughts and outfits with whomever is interested. As a sixteen year old local blogger in Oxford, it is always incredibly exciting and daunting to shoot as there are some many prestigious people and buildings all around, awaiting to be captured at first glance. 

The idea behind my blog is to create a warm and friendly atmosphere, such as a home, where everyone can come together to share their thoughts without worrying. That is why I always make sure to write only what are my honest feelings, as well as hopefully sometimes being engaging. 

Other than my blog I am a passionate cinematographer on youtube: 'Fashion Aesthetics', who likes to photograph a ton, read widely, and has a side interest of writing occasionally. Music to be me is also fascinating to play (guitar and piano) and peculiar to listen to- especially after stumbling upon some indie-rock music in the summer at TRUCK festival. There are many more you can learn about me, which will be unfolded slowly and gently over on my blog as my story unravels.