June 10, 2016 INTO SPRING

Springtime has finally come around and oh boy, has it been a long wait. The stunning minimalistic jewellery pieces from Lyla Loves are a great way to transition from winter to spring.

By adding some golden tones, it enhances the spring like feel- opposed to the slightly cooler silvery tones. I’ve paired my chic little bracelet with this extremely bright throwback 70s dress, as I think the loud prints on the dress contrast quite nicely with the dainty jewellery.

The pendant necklace also adds a warm touch, as yellow and blue seem to go quite nicely together. I decided to put together this somewhat bold, yet a little mundane outfit for a trip to the park. My friend and I just hung around and took some photos, whilst enjoying the summer sun that hopefully will decide to stay.

That’s all for now, have a great transition in to spring!