Victoria is a gorgeous fashion & lifestyle blogger, writer, editor and photographer in her mid-twenties – I’ve always wanted to know how she can juggle so many things! Victoria, what is your secret??

She took the blogging community by storm when she started her blog In The Frow, which received the award for Best Established Blog.

Here are five reasons why we love her.

1.She really engages with her followers.

It has become quite rare that an influential blogger keeps in touch with their audience. We love Victoria because she takes the time to answer to comments and questions from her fashionista fans. She also listens carefully to her audience and plans her posts according to what her readers want to see.

2. Her amazing style – no description needed here, this is obvious in the pictures below. If you’ve fallen in love, check out more images here https://instagram.com/inthefrow/ 

3. Her passion for food.

Victoria is an enthusiastic foodie and she dedicates many posts to showing us the restaurants she visits, the food she enjoys and she even shares her home cooking experiences.

 4. Her travel posts.

We all love luxury travel and Victoria shares her travels with her readers and also gives tips on must see places and best hotels.

5. Her beautiful smile.

Even though it has been said that her distinctive feature is her hair, I would adventure to say that her beautiful smile is what made me browse her photos.