Leanne wearing our Large Ethnic Draped Chain Necklace
Lyla Loves Leanne Lim Walker
When Lyla Loves first launched we drew up a shortlist of bloggers we wanted to work with and Leanne-Lim Walker was at the top of our list. We believed that Leanne's effortless and elegant style would be the perfect fit for our brand and we were proved correct when she started styling our statement necklaces. Here are three reasons we love her Instagram feed and her blog.
1. The best hair on Instagram 
2. Her Brave Honesty - Leanne has written a really brave post about body confidence. It takes great courage to write about these issues in a public forum and she tackles the issue head on. Read the full post here, but here is an extract from the blogpost: 
I felt conscious enough going through high school as I was so tiny, in both height and frame. If you think I’m slim now, you should of seen me then. On occasions I’d been out with friends and had random strangers shout anorexic at me. That was how it was, I was naturally very slim and I was always made very aware of this by most around me leading to me having body conscious issues about most of myself. Fast forward to getting older and dating, I hated guys seeing that part of me, they didn’t ever care about the size to be honest, it was how I felt which made me feel uncomfortable. When something starts effecting your personal life, effecting your choices on what clothes to wear, struggling on finding bras that fit, you just end up not really liking it. I just want to be more in proportion with the rest of my shape as I do have curves around the hips. As I've got older I've felt far more confident with the rest of my body as my shape changed and I realised how to dress for my proportions to make me feel good.
3. Leanne + Lyla = A Perfect Combination