Ever wondered who designed our logo and what it meant? Now you can stop wondering!!

We always knew what we wanted for our logo. We wanted a beautiful illustration that would look great not only on tags but even on t-shirts and bags. Whilst browsing on Etsy for inspiration, we came across Annabelle King and fell in love with her work. They were so soft and dreamy with pencil and watercolour- perfect for what we had in mind. We wanted an illustration to represent the brand:-  to be strong, individual, powerful, edgy and boho chic. We wanted it to stand out and for people to comment about it so it was also a conversation piece. This worked as we have had so many positive comments on the carding.

It was difficult to try and come up with final idea and a lot of back and forth but finally we came up with the final design. I have attached the first design for the first draft so you can see J

We included as many elements into the design that represented being strong, free and in control. Dreamcatcher hand chain on her hand, butterflies, elemental tattoo on her arm, arrows in her hand, turquoise head chain and the feather earrings which are a direct copy for the feather earrings we have live on our site now.

  • Turquoise - As well as a healing stone, the blue colour of turquoise is said to bring happiness and good fortune especially when given as a gift.
  • Dreamcatcher - Essentially we all know the meaning of dreamcatcher, but we like the idea that it promotes the good dreams so we focus on the positivity rather than negativity!
  • Elemental symbols - Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Fire- forceful/Earth-practicality/Air-thoughtful/Water-emotional. All qualities we need to possess.
  • Butterflies - signify change, rebirth and starting over.
  • Feather - Feathers mean different things for different cultures and religions. They can mean evolution and wisdom, truth, ascension. In dreams feathers mean to travel and move freely in life. White feathers in dreams mean innocence or a fresh start.
  • Arrow- Arrows again can mean different things in different cultures. Ultimately arrows mean protection and defence. A bundle of arrows means strength and crossed arrows mean friendship.

Combine all those elements and you’ve got one fierce chick!!

And you thought it was just a pretty picture.

Check out Annabelle and her work on the below links xx



Until next time.

Team Lyla x